Are you tired of going to seminars and other training events that waste your time and don’t produce any tangible results? If so, look no further – 4 Degrees North is not your ordinary training company.

With our Workshops, you’ll get practical tips, proven methodologies, and useful insights that increase your productivity. In addition, you won’t be left high and dry after the Workshop ends…You can submit questions via email or phone and attend periodic conference calls where you can ask questions, discuss issues, and refine your approach to using the training materials. In addition, individual coaching services are available to help you achieve your goals and maximize your chances for success.

Our Training...

  1. Provides a consistent voice for your organization…all participants hear the same message

  2. Includes multiple exercises to reinforce the key learnings and give team members the opportunity to work together and collaborate

  3. Is lead by knowledgeable instructors with real-world experience who deliver practical content that yields measurable results

  4. Offers a positive return on investment at a no haggle/no hassle price…a flat fee for each workshop makes the budgeting and negotiating process easy



How to Close
Better Business Faster
Selling to Sourcing

Understand your counterpart

Reduce sales friction

Improve your close rate

Shorten the sales cycle

Make more money

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for Results

Improve your outcomes
through better preparation

Identify ways to gain and maintain leverage

Discover the value of using negotiation ranges

Harness the power of questions

Learn when to keep going,
take the deal, or walk away

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Better RFPs
Mean Better Proposals

Determine when it makes sense to use an RFP
and when it doesn’t

Decide which RFP alternatives will
shorten the time-line for you

Discover critical disclosures and disclaimers
every RFP should have

Learn how suppliers determine whether to participate in your RFP process

Improve your ability to write good RFP questions

Identify the critical components necessary
for evaluating proposals

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Supplier Relationships

Learn the 16 core competencies of supplier relationship management

Improve your relationship management
resource allocation plan

Build effective scorecards to improve performance and the relationship

Leverage the synergy of working with your suppliers rather than against them

Discover the 3 things common to every successful supplier relationship management initiative

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Finance Concepts
Made Easy

Learn balance sheet and income statement basics

Discover how to spot financial trends
using key financial ratios

Understand essential financial calculations

Find out how to evaluate issues
from a financial perspective

Talk the talk – learn the language of business

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Understanding & Negotiating
Better Contract Terms

Understand Legalese

Increase your contracts IQ

Negotiate better contract terms

Improve your interactions
with your attorney/clients

Understand the other party’s
concerns and positions

Identify contract risk and how to
develop mitigation strategies

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Making Your
Statements of Work
Work Better

Improve supplier accountability

Prevent common drafting mistakes

Use rolling estoppel to avoid supplier surprises

Develop better, more
comprehensive requirements

Avoid key words that shift the
performance risk to customers

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Using SLAs to
Maximize Supplier Performance

Discover when to use and when not to use SLAs

Identify the core components of SLAs

Learn SLA management techniques

Draft flexible SLAs to
improve supplier performance

Avoid 15 common SLA pitfalls

Include 20 critical success factors in your SLAs

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Intellectual Property (Concepts)
in Plain English

Learn the basics of the “big 4”
intellectual property (IP) types

Identify common IP risks and
develop mitigation strategies

Understand how the work made for hire
and first sale doctrines work

Talk to your attorneys in their language

Improve your contracts

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Coaching Services

Why coaching? Because going it alone is tough, and often leads nowhere. Titans always stand on the shoulders of others who came before them. There are no self-made people…they always got help (or more correctly) sought help from others along their path to success.

A coach can help you achieve your goals, provide some perspective, provide a different point of view, help hold you accountable, mentor you, etc. – so you can be the best you possible.

Coaches see patterns, identify opportunities, and spot trends that you might miss; think of it as the forest and trees effect. In addition, a coach focuses on YOU and keeping you on track. Let’s face it, sometimes you get so deep in the weeds solving everyone else’s problems and putting out fires, you forget about your development, plans, and goals. And remember, even professional athletes who are at the pinnacle of their careers still have coaches to help them achieve their goals and to improve.

At 4 Degrees North, you’ll work with a coach compatible with your needs, and your coaching plan will be customized based on your goals, objectives, and situation.



The RFP Cost Calculator / Estimator

Ever wonder how much it costs to go through your RFP process?
Now you can quantify it easily with this Excel template.
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The Meeting Cost Calculator

Meetings are expensive! If you’re looking for a way to quantify the cost, look no further.
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The RFP Time-line Generator

Tired of counting business days and holidays to set due dates for your RFPs? Let this spreadsheet do it for you.
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Our Philosophy

We believe in simple and elegant solutions. Why make something more difficult than it has to be? Complicated things are hard to understand, follow, and maintain. Eventually, they break down.

Our motto (and mantra) is KISS – Keep It Super Simple. We apply this philosophy to everything we do.

With 4 Degrees North, you’ll get practical tips, insights, and takeaways from our training and coaching. You’ll hear things in plain English, not convoluted jargon. We use easy-to-understand examples and processes, which makes it easier for you to understand the core concepts and modify them for your unique environment.

What works for someone else may not work for you. We believe in providing you with options (not absolutes), which allows you to adapt (not adopt) the fundamental elements to your situation.

We believe incremental change is the best way to improve over time; wholesale changes from one day to the next seldom work in the long run. As a result, you’ll hear us talk about “baby steps” and making small changes, rather than significant modifications, to your current way of doing things.

We believe in being there with you and for you as you travel down the path to success. Your success is our success, and we look forward to being part of it.

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